To understand if any of the schools you service are implicated by Natasha’s Law, the definition of ‘prepacked for direct sale’ must be considered and any foods provided by your service that meet this definition will now require the mandatory labelling on pack of the name of the food and a full ingredient list highlighting any of the 14 categories of allergens.
‘Prepacked for direct sale’ is currently defined as those foods that have been packed on the same premises as they are being offered. Foods which could fall under this category are sandwiches / pies or cakes that are individually wrapped and sold prepacked from the premises in which they were made.
Before Natasha’s Law, the display of an allergen summary sheet and / or a notice to enquire about allergenic ingredients from a member of staff was sufficient for the provision of allergen information for these items. However, by October 2021, if any of the schools individually wrap any items that can essentially be taken away and consumed at a point in time where access to allergen information is not available, these items will then fall under the new rules.